Leading Remote Care Management

How it Works

Mabu Care Insights Platform

Comprehensive care management programs scaleable to any number of patients.

AI-Driven Patient Conversations

Each conversation tailored to each patient to communicate the right information and collect relevant data.

Led by Behavioral Science

Each aspect of our platform is built on the basis of psychology.  


Virtual Trial / PROs

Patient retention, remote monitoring, and enhanced patient trial experiences.

Pharma Patient Engagement

For pharma clients, we have beyond-the-pill, remote care management, and specialty pharmacy outreach programs that drive better outcomes.

Integrated Health Systems

Better data benefits marketing and our outreach and engagement is industry-leading. 

Patients Engage in Daily Conversations

Most patients converse 30+ minutes each month

Patient Outreach Across All Audiences

Opt-in rates above 60%
Most patients continue for 6+ months

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