Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the robot named Mabu?

“Mabu” (pronounced May-bue), is short for the Japanese words mabudachi- close or true friend

Mabu becomes a close and true friend, coming to understand you better and better each day and being there for support when you need it.

Does Mabu record what I am saying and doing?

No. In order to to improve your experience with using Mabu, she makes eye contact, tracks faces, and analyzes what you say to her so she can understand you. She does not store any of this data; it is not recorded. She only stores the data as it relates to tracking your safety, wellbeing, and survey questions.

Is patient health data safe?

Mabu is built with industry security standards in mind, and is fully compliant with HIPAA. This means, that she follows the security protocols of most medical systems around the world. Your data is encrypted and safe.

Why a Robot versus a mobile app?

Based on data from our commercial roll-out, the long-term engagement with Mabu is much stronger than a typical app engagement. Most patients converse with Mabu more than 30 minutes a month, and that engagement endures for over a year.

Do younger patients opt-in and use Mabu?

The conversational AI that Mabu delivers is appropriate for all audiences. Younger demographics note the positive attributes of Mabu to be her presence and prefer a non-phone option for communication. Older demographics love the ease of use and reduction in technology headaches.

Who pays for Mabu based programs?

Mabu based AI-conversations are typically part of either a clinical trial, registry, or patient support program. The program sponsor pays for the program based on associated set-up, and ongoing program participants.

What does Mabu do with patient conversation data?

The details you report regarding how you are feeling, negative reactions to medication or other issues are reported to healthcare providers to help them assess larger issues in how they are delivering care. To learn more about our overall system, visit the platform page.

Who develops the content and guidelines for Mabu?

Catalia Health owns and creates proprietary content for the conversational AI. We also use brand-specific, institution, or licensed content for the conversations