Home Health


  • Your residents want as much independence as possible, but also need you to be there for them. Providing this balance can be difficult.
  • Residents health issues are dynamic—they’ll be doing well for weeks and then face some troubles.
  • It’s hard to know how to focus your efforts, efficiently and providing residents independence when their health issues don’t require in-person support.


  • Residents can provide updates about their health to the Mabu Healthcare Companion, at the timing they choose.
  • Interaction is simple—based entirely on conversation, so anyone can use it.
  • Mabu tailors conversations to each resident, increasing resident’s feelings of satisfaction both with their care.
  • The Mabu Healthcare Companion can be there when you’re not, and provides comfort to residents who know they can let her know when they have challenges.
  • The Mabu Healthcare Companion can let you know which of your residents might need more help and which are doing okay, freeing up your resources to devote to the residents in most need.