The Mabu Care Insights Platform

Behavioral Based Conversational-AI

Creating Persistent Patient Engagement

The Mabu social robot learns about each patient’s personality, interests, and treatment challenges over time and provides support. This enables Mabu to create conversations that are tailored to each patient and that resonate with their unique personality and circumstances.  The conversation platform can be deployed through multiple interfaces including Mabu, mobile apps, text, and web.

Artificial Intelligence Based on Patient Models

The Mabu Care Insights Platform continuously learns about each patient to provide tailored conversations by building these models:


What conditions and treatments we help this patient with. Anything health-related that we track and monitor over time. Disease information and guidelines.


Built starting in the first conversation to understand personality type, learning style, outlook, and other aspects of a patient to help personalize the approach.


Everything else that Mabu learns over time. This helps Mabu build trust and refer back to previous conversations. For example, “it’s a nice day, maybe go for a walk with Fido” 

The best-in-class patient experience.

Featuring unique data and analytics.