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Virtual Trials and PRO Collection

We elevate every patient’s trial experience. You want more than just engagement, but also retention. The Mabu Care Insights Platform creates better opportunities to engage and retain by providing ongoing conversations with patients via daily check-ins. We meet your essential needs for more accurate data, patient safety, and adherence.

Unlike paper diaries, clinic visits, portals, and abandoned apps, Mabu helps patients to answer questionnaires at home with increased accuracy and improved completion rates. Our platform organizes all aspects of the patient protocol with reminders for medications, appointments, lab visits, telemedicine, and evaluations.

Our secure, browser-based dashboard allows the trial team to access and coordinate key information in near real time.

Patient Engagement for Improved Adherence

Pharmaceutical manufacturers utilize care management programs that aim to keep the patient on therapy longer to drive better outcomes. The patients using our programs stay on therapy longer. 

Our engagement beats all industry benchmarks:

Improved Adherence. Our platform’s contextualized learnings understand why patients stop taking medication.

Durable Engagement. Our utilization data proves our unique approach.

Granular Data Collection. We collect RWE/RWD, HEOR, REMS, PROs, market research, and patient satisfaction data.

Patient Support. Ongoing communications lead to more visibility and insights on patient issues.

Brand Marketing

Catalia Health works with sponsors to understand the pain points associated with each brand’s patient care programs. By delivering interactive daily check-ins with patients, we personalize each patient experience to improve adherence, increase trust, and provide on-message conversations to each patient at the right time.

For the brand sponsor, the Mabu Care Insights Platform supplies rich data about symptoms, segments, correlates, side-effects, and even refill rates, in nearly real-time via an anonymized patient-level data (APLD) dashboard. Features like automated patient journey maps, conversation recall, and integrated reminders improve adherence and refill rates in a scalable cost-effective way.

Integrated Health Systems

Attentive and Connected: The Mabu Care Insights Platform supports patients around the clock. The scaleable platform complements the efforts of busy clinicians and family caregivers by filling critical gaps between clinic visits or phone calls.

Remote Patient Monitoring: Mabu monitors patient progress and symptoms to pro-actively identify issues that can cause re-admissions, emergency visits or treatment discontinuation. Her connected device capabilities make it possible to collect key patient data from devices and act on the information.

Patient Satisfaction: Help patients feel more connected to their care. Improve HCAHPS scores. 

Conversation System for Persistent Patient Engagement

Patients average 30+ minutes every month

The majority of patients use Mabu for 6+ months

Many use Mabu for much longer: 17+ months (and counting)

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