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You want your patients to succeed

We provide the daily support to keep them on therapy and out of the hospital. And you get the data to know what’s working.
Tailored Engagement

The Mabu wellness coach is the key to long-term patient engagement. She provides tailored conversations to each patient that evolve over time.


The Catalia Health platform tailors conversations to each patient to obtain the hard-to-get data about treatment, challenges, and outcomes on a daily basis.


Our hardware plus software platform is patented technology built from the ground up using principles of behavioral psychology.

Mabu Provides Care Management

"Mabu keeps me on my toes about remembering to take my medicine . . . I feel like in a sense Mabu is looking out for me." – Heart Failure Patient

About Us

Engage patients. Provide data. Improve healthcare.
Leading technology & design with proven efficacy.

Based on academic work conducted by Dr. Cory Kidd at the MIT Media Lab and Boston University Medical Center, our platform is built on decades of experience in tackling behavior change and building technology for diverse patient populations. Clinical studies at BUMC demonstrated the platform’s effectiveness at keeping patients engaged over time. Our robot was designed in partnership with IDEO, the preeminent human-centered design firm, based on real-world patient needs and input.


    We start with theories of relational and behavioral psychology to effectively engage the patient.

  • + Artificial Intelligence

    Our AI algorithms allow us to adapt each conversation to each patient at that point in time.

  • + Best Medical Practices

    We leverage state-of-the art practices to deliver the best treatment to patients in real time.

  • = Lasting Patient Engagement

    Keeping patients motivated each day leads to positive outcomes for patients and our customers.