How It Works

The Catalia Health Platform: How It Works


Mabu_Icon_Blue_300pxTailored Engagement

Our platform learns about each patient’s personality, interests, and treatment challenges over time. This enables Mabu to create conversations that are tailored to each patient and that resonate with their unique personality and circumstances. The structure of these conversations are based on proven behavioral models of psychology to promote behavior change. Unlike apps that are usually used for only a short period of time, patients continue to use the Mabu personal healthcare companion. This allows Mabu to have conversations with patients every day to manage their treatment and gather data about their progress.






CHplatform3The Catalia Health Platform

The Catalia Health platform is built on a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based back end system that allows us to provide our customers with real-time data about each patient’s progress and challenges.  We work with our customers to understand what the most crucial pieces of data are to improve patient care and outcomes. Appropriate questions that gather this data are woven into conversations. We gather data about the dosing and timing of medication everyday as well as difficult to obtain data about daily activities or nutrition and how these effect a patient’s treatment and ultimate health outcome.





PatientData3Delivering Timely Patient Updates

In addition to building up a model of the patient’s personality and unique treatment circumstances, the Catalia Health Platform is cloud-based, and can provide you with real-time data about each patient.  We work with our customers to understand what the most crucial pieces of data are to improve patient treatments and outcomes. Questions that gather this data are then woven into conversations. We can gather data from the dosing and timing of medication (everyday!) to difficult to obtain data about daily activities or nutrition and how these effect a patient’s treatment or ultimate health outcome.





Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 5.33.08 PMBackground Research & Publications

Clinical studies at Boston University Medical Center demonstrate the platform’s effectiveness at keeping patients engaged over the long-term. Click here to access Dr. Kidd’s published Ph.D. dissertation from MIT that describes the design, implementation, and validation of the first version of this system.




IDEO Futures SquarePatient-Centered Design

“It’s a relief—with all of my hospital visits—this can save my life.”
The Catalia Health team spent five months working with IDEO, the preeminent design firm, on our newest personal healthcare companion.  With their assistance, we made sure that the product is built for patients first.  Careful consideration hs gone into ease of use, accessibility, and likelihood of long-term adoption.  We know that we succeed only when patients really want to use their Mabu personal healthcare companion every day and find it to be an indispensable part of their lives.